Our brand is the result of a combination of extensive experience in the foodservice sector and years of close collaboration with the most avant-garde chefs, developing for them elegant and functional collections that add value to their culinary creations and enhance their customers’ experience through our design and manufacture with innovative, highly durable, hygienic and environmentally friendly materials.

ADRIER is the perfect choice to dress the table in a creative way without renouncing the practicality demanded by gastronomy of excellence.

The manufacturing processes of our tableware are carried out with high quality standards and with a careful selection of producers committed to social responsibility. Melamine is a material whose properties include a long useful life, given its durability and resistance to intensive use, which is an advantage in terms of environmental sustainability compared to other raw materials.


The ADRIER Collections have a wide range of shapes and finishes, from the organic appearances with natural textures of the Terral and Kayak Collections, to the fun Mediterranean freshness shown in the presentations made in the exclusive Chambao Collection, without forgetting the rectilinear and luminous shapes of our Sunrise Collection.

The variety of pieces in our collections will offer the chef multiple possibilities to enhance and take professional plating to another level.

Our new Chambao Collection gives a fresh and Mediterranean touch to its presentations evoking summer atmospheres and moments to enjoy in the best company. 

Its unique design combines a handcrafted look with a contemporary one that gives it the flexibility to adapt to the most innovative presentations as a wide variety of scenes.

Kayak Collection is inspired in those light boats that adapt successfully to any environment, due to their shape and dimensions.

Kayak trays and platters are simple and versatile pieces, that going well with any type of decoration and with the possibility of doing several presentations.

We bring to your table the Salsa Collection inspired by a harmonious combination of aesthetics, durability and practicality.

Its vintage design, with a textured surface and subtly decorated rim, imitates the classic workmanship of traditional potters.

Sunrise Collection is base on the most important moment of the day, The Dawn, transporting us to a calm and delightful atmosphere.

Its color white with orange edge added to its rough texture, attract all our interest towards the product, turning it into an excellent tableware to show creations of the most demanding chefs.

The Terral Collection is inspired by a set of organic shapes and natural textures that offer multiple possibilities for the most avant-garde and current presentations.

The variety of its range of colors allows enhancing and staging the creativity of the most innovative chefs with textures that give a touch similar to natural stone.

Our Tofu & Kale collection is inspired by the fusion of natural elements such as slate and wood, whose elegance and warmth offer new and exciting opportunities to show dishes fulled of creativity.

Its textured surface and stylised shape give the chefs the freedom to choose from a wide range of possibilities.